Villa Collection

  • Villa Aella

    Villa Aella

    12 guests

    Understated luxury above boho beach Ag. Sostis

  • Villa Io

    Villa Io

    6 guests

    One of a kind luxury in a superb location

  • Villa Oceanus One

    Villa Oceanus One

    18 guests

    The coolest underwater views of the villa's swimming pool

  • Villa Oceanus Two

    Villa Oceanus Two

    14 guests

    The coolest underwater views of the villa's swimming pool

  • Villa Isidora

    Villa Isidora

    8 guests

    Modern minimalism and perfectly wind protected

  • Villa Iphegenia

    Villa Iphegenia

    10 guests

    Supreme elegance and delightful views

  • Villa Eos

    Villa Eos

    14 guests

    Perfectly spacious, with impressive views

  • Villa Phoenix

    Villa Phoenix

    10 guests

    A white-wonderland of texture and simplicity

  • Villa Amelia

    Villa Amelia

    12 guests

    Delightful family friendly villa 

  • Villa Apollon

    Villa Apollon

    8 guests

    White minimalism above Mykonos town

  • Villa Aegialeia

    Villa Aegialeia

    8 guests

    A waterfront Hidden Gem with sea accessibility and breathtaking views

  • Villa Pegasus

    Villa Pegasus

    14 guests

    Perfect for families and water sports adventures

  • Villa Agrius

    Villa Agrius

    8 guests

    Stunning views with traditional stone architecture

  • Villa Myrtia

    Villa Myrtia

    14 guests

    A hop and a skip away from a peaceful and unspoiled beach 

  • Villa Aphrodite

    Villa Aphrodite

    12 Guests

    Modern elegance, romance and finesse

  • Villa Elea

    Villa Elea

    14 guests

    Intimate and charming villa, sheltered from the winds

  • Villa Poseidon

    Villa Poseidon

    16 guests

    Secluded family retreat

  • Villa Lia

    Villa Lia

    12 guests

    Induldge in luxury and sandy beaches  

  • Villa Ftelia

    Villa Ftelia

    11 guests

    Luxury retreat & super stylish interiors

  • Villa Astraia

    Villa Astraia

    32 guests

    A super spacious central hideaway, located next to the beach party scene

  • Villa Gaia

    Villa Gaia

    11 guests

    Graceful and romantic ambience

  • Villa Delos Mykonos

    Villa Delos Mykonos

    8 guests

    Romantic getaway, amazing sunset views

  • Villa Olivia

    Villa Olivia

    10 guests

    Oasis within walking proximity to Mykonos Town center. 

  • Villa Deliades

    Villa Deliades

    12 adults

    Sunset views, close proximity to Ag. Ioannis beach

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