Villa Collection

  • Villa Chloe

    Villa Chloe

    10 guests +2 children

    Secluded spacious luxury above Elia 

  • Villa Zeru

    Villa Zeru

    12 guests

    One of a kind luxury in a superb location

  • Villa Choulakia Beach

    Villa Choulakia Beach

    10 guests

    A stunning & unique white-washed villa sits upon its own secluded beach 

  • Villa Aera

    Villa Aera

    8 guests

    Rustic & traditional on the outskirts of a small village 

  • Villa Nido di Leda Three

    Villa Nido di Leda Three

    6 guests

    Luxury and splendid views

  • Villa Elia Beach

    Villa Elia Beach

    10 guests

    Close proximity to Elia beach and water sports activities

  • Villa Agios Ioannis

    Villa Agios Ioannis

    6 guests

    Close proximity to town and Ag. Giannis beach below

  • Villa Phos

    Villa Phos

    11 guests

    Villa Phos is just above the popular and beautiful sandy beach of Elia.

  • Villa Elia

    Villa Elia

    8 guests

    Live in luxury while overlloking Elia beach.

  • Villa Town House

    Villa Town House

    6 guests

    Right in the heart of Mykonos Town

  • Villa Kalafatis

    Villa Kalafatis

    7 adults and 4-6 children

    Perfect for your little ones

  • Villa Elia Bay

    Villa Elia Bay

    8 guests

    Privacy and elegance, perfect for a family

  • Villa Mykonos View

    Villa Mykonos View

    24 adults

    Convenient & easy access to both Southern and Northern beaches

  • Villa Phaedra

    Villa Phaedra

    11 guests (8 adults + 3 children)

    Unspoiled beaches & breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea Islands

  • Villa Kalo Livadi

    Villa Kalo Livadi

    12 adults + 4 children

    Nearby to some of the coolest beaches on the island

  • Villa Alkyone

    Villa Alkyone

    8 guests

    A luxurious hidden gem near Mykonos Town

  • Luxury Villa Ino

    Luxury Villa Ino

    8 guests

    Located in Imerovigli, a tranquil village at the highest point of the Santorini Caldera referred to as the “balcony of the Aegean”

  • Luxury Villa Persephone

    Luxury Villa Persephone

    6 guests

    Located on the quiet outskirts of the picturesque Village of Imerovigli and perched on the cliffs of the Santorini Caldera

  • Luxury Villa Kallisti

    Luxury Villa Kallisti

    10 guests

    Villa Kallisti, located on the southwestern tip of the island, is situated in the area of Messa Pigadia between the village of Akrotiri and the famous Akrotiri Lighthouse.

  • Villa Clio

    Villa Clio

    10 guests

    Located on the southwest of the island, Villa Clio of Santorini is situated in a residential area on the outskirts of the village of Akrotiri.

  • Villa Aegle

    Villa Aegle

    4 adults + 1 guest

    Villa Aegle is a traditional town house originally built in the beginning of the nineteenth century (circa 1800).

  • Villa Cycladic Light

    Villa Cycladic Light

    6-8 adults

    Villa Cycladic Light is a unique property combining traditional architecture and contemporary design. 

  • Villa Europa

    Villa Europa

    6 guests

    Villa Europa is located in the north, approximately mid way between Oia and Imerovigli, two of the islands most renown and picturesque villages. 

  • Villa Kalafatis Bay

    Villa Kalafatis Bay

    8 guests

    Reside in comfort and induldge in some adventure

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